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This is totally freaking me out. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Ok this is what happened, I have an existing Ubuntu 12.4 running on my laptop, I visited Ubuntu's website out of nowhere and I saw this new Ubuntu 13.4 and I was so interested because of Ubuntu's flowery words "Best version yet" or something like that. It just wont update directly to 13.4, I needed to upgrade to 12.10 first. OK. On Ubuntu's website, it says "Click here to follow SIMPLE upgrade instructions. I did. It showes me a very simple instruction that I followed. I waited for 5 hours because my Internet connection was just so bad and still tried to finish upgrading my Ubuntu. After 5 hrs, it got finished and prompted me to restart. THIS IS WHERE EVERYTHING GOT MESSED UP!!! It closed all the programs, the toolbar and all that EXCEPT for the WALLPAPER. It hanged on there. I waited.. and waited.. and waited... for 30 mins and nothing is happening. I was forced to to just force shut it down. I booted again.

First screen says: Ubuntu Ubuntu with advanced menu(something like that)

then long violet scree.

Then Ubuntu logo showed.


I was just following Ubuntu's "SIMPLE GUIDELINES" on upgrading then everything got messed up. I NEED HELP! HELP! HELP!

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