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I am running Ubuntu 13.04 with the netflix-desktop installed. However I have a situation with it as it is causing problems with my pulseaudio. More specifically, the desktop app has a bug, which has been reported by several users already, in which the app would constantly play videos in fast forward. The only fix I, or anybody else has found was to either restart:

pulseaudio -k

or to completely delete (at least the GUI frontend) of pulse audio by:

sudo apt-get autoremove pulseaudio

Restarting it didnt work however removing it did. All my sound still worked fine,as only the GUI fronted end was removed, however this is where the problem occurs. By autoremoving pulse audio I also removed the indicator-sound applet, which I really like and want to keep, as I find being able to control my sound from it extremely useful.

Is there anyway I can keep the indicator without pulseaudio or is there any alternative to the volume-indicator I can use?

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