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I want to install Ubuntu 13.04 64-Bit on my second Hard Drive. My second Hard Drive is a SSD. I have informed me and find out that I have to disable Intel rapid Start and Secure Boot in UEFI Settings. I have done that all!

The USB, I have formated my USB(32 GB) to a NTFS Format on a primary Partition. And the Partition is active.

So I have started my Computer and selected in Boot Options my USB. My Cumputer Reloads and starts from the USB, BUT THERE IS ONLY A BLACK SCREEN WITH FEW TEXT AND I HAVE TO GIVE TEXT COMMANDS THERE ONLY. On the Top there stands "GNU GRUB" somenthing and than "ubuntu".

Here is GRUB how it looks normally I think! But on my computer it doesnt looks like that: enter image description here

And if I write "boot" in the text thing I get the answer "Kernel is not loeded".

What I am making false? The ISO is right I have installed it in VritualBox yet.

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ps on my first HDD Dive I have 3 working Windows 8 –  starz Aug 12 '13 at 10:29
Your question indicates that you're trying to boot a USB flash drive, but the question also says you've prepared it as an NTFS device. You don't mention loading an Ubuntu install image onto the drive or otherwise making it bootable. If you've omitted some information, please elaborate. Otherwise, not being able to boot from a disk that has no bootable OS is perfectly normal. If that's the case, you're probably seeing a text-mode grub> prompt just because it was left over from some previous use of the drive. –  Rod Smith Aug 12 '13 at 16:03
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