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I have been trying to run juju status -e maas but it keeps giving me the error

 2013-08-12 10:00:48,301 INFO Connecting to environment...
2013-08-12 10:00:48,357 ERROR Cannot connect to environment: Unexpected HTTP 401 trying to GET
and it goes on down...

I am currently following the tutorial for UbuntuCloudInfrastructure, done everything till the above commands.

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Could you please add in your question the link to the tutorial? – Braiam Aug 19 '13 at 13:20

The tutorial you mention is outdated, try following this one instead, but start from scratch, running rm -fr ~/.juju/environments* first. Make sure you change the necessary settings in the environments.yaml file juju generate-config created, in the configuration of the maas sample environment.

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