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I'm running 12.04 on my desktop. I've struggled getting suspend/resume to work properly. The issue is, I dont think my setup can boot anything newer than kernel 3.2. Quantal and Raring run fine as a live disk but panics on both when booting from my HDD.

I installed the all of the xxx-lts-raring packages and the backported kernel. When booting kernels 3.5, and 3.8 the system would completely die after it displays plymouth. I wouldn't be able to get past plymouth. On 3.8 with the appropriate dependencies I'd get kicked out to tty1, however I could still reach up to tty6. I'd check the boot process and it would fail to initialize /dev/sdb (my hard disk)

When grub.cfg was updated I remembered seeing an error:

ddr1 wrong # of devices in raid 

So I installed mdadm and tried to remove the raid array I never created. Mdadm returned an error telling me where was no raid arrays to remove (/dev/sdb isn't in any arrays).

When booted into the non functioning kernel 3..8 in tty1 I attempted to remove xorg.conf from my home directory only to find it didn't exist. When trying to generate them it failed.

Put off, I purged all of the packages pertaining to the lts enablement stack and booted to tty6 on kernel 3.2 again. I purged and reinstalled xorg and it's dependencies and thankfully got back to a working desktop.

Is there anything holding my hardware from booting kernels 3.5 and newer? Am I required to recompile open source radeon drivers after the kernel update? Intel Ivy Bridge, z77 chipset, radeon 6870. I also have an SSD/HDD running in tandem, Ubuntu on the SSD.

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Is difficult to tell, could you add sudo lshw -sanitize to your question? –  Braiam Aug 19 '13 at 13:36

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