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I have host computer mac running two Ubuntu as guest machines. I would like to set up ssh connection between these two virtual machines.

Both guest machines are equipped with open-ssh server/client. Been googling to try to figure out, but to no avail, failed. I have given both guests machines "Bridge Mode" so they all have different IP address. Have internet connections. But when tried ssh x.x.x.x, it says connection is refused.

My understanding is that this can occur due to firewall? Is there way to solve this??

Is it even possible to accomplish ssh between two guest machines?? I don't see why not?

If someone can shed some light for me.. That would be most appreciated.

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Please edit your question to show us the IP config of both machines. In each one type ip ad, we need the output. – guntbert Aug 13 '13 at 20:07

If you are using VirtualBox (you didn't specify), in the Network settings, select Host-only Adapter for both virtual machines. They will be able to "see" each other. (You will not be able to access outside the two machines, however).

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There are several other possibilities beside using "host only". – guntbert Aug 13 '13 at 20:05

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