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I recently moved from a Windows 7 to Ubuntu 12.04, and I play Warcraft III a lot with my friends using GameRanger. So I moved my WC3 to the Wine disk and managed to install GameRanger (after a whole day fighting with winetricks for mfc42.dll). Although some people report not being able to login, it worked perfectly for me. However, when the game and friends list shows up, I am not able to click on anything (in fact, the windows even go out of focus). I can press alt to bring up the toolbar menus, but I cant navigate with keyboard nor mouse. Any ideas how this can be fixed?

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Why am I seeing you everywhere today? :) – a20 Feb 5 '15 at 9:21
@a20 No idea... Everywhere on askubuntu or SE in general? :D – Kroltan Feb 5 '15 at 13:04

Well, my solution was simple but overkill: I copied my whole Windows installation over to wine's virtual drive, and it worked.

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