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I have a former Windows 7 machine in which the hard drive failed. I bought a new hard drive and was forced to install Windows 2000 and upgrade to XP- it would not allow straight XP install. I do not have access to a more recent Windows OS install. I can't get 2000 off the hard drive now but I also can't get XP to connect to the Internet. I have heard great things about Ubuntu and figured now is as good a time as any to give it a shot. How can I get Ubuntu on the machine that won't connect to the Internet? I have a Windows 7 laptop that is connected if I have to download onto a DVD-R if needed. Please just tell me how. Thanks!

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Believe it or not, but this is going to be easier then it may seem. On your Win7 machine, download an ISO Disc Image of Ubuntu, mount it (I think it already mounts it in most Image burning applications), then burn it with your favorite Disc Image Burning Application. Now, on your XP or 2000 or Whatever machine, boot the up the disc drive via the BIOS, then it should come up to setup.

You mentioned it would not connect to the Internet, which seems strange if your other laptop can connect. You can always try a WiFi Adapter or Ethernet Cord, but otherwise install Ubuntu and only used the unupdated and otherwise default software.

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