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I've tried lots of Linux distros and honestly I'm torn as to which one to choose.

At the moment the computer doesn't have a hard drive so I use my 8gb flash drive to install Linux, and when I install Ubuntu 13.04, I have a constant problem where programs become unresponsive. I've tried serveral distros includeding Lubuntu 12.10 but have the same lag issue about every 5-10 minutes.

All of these distros work perfect on LiveCD, but when I install them I experienced the above problems.

My Laptop Specs:

  • Dell Latitude D430
  • 2048 mb ddr2 sdram
  • Intel 945GMS Graphics

  • 8MB Video Memory

  • Intel Core 2 duo 1.2ghz x2

Can anyone tell me a suitable distro or What my problem is?

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Please provide more details about the problem. Also avoid questions like "which distro is for me?", these are off-topic, so please edit your question. –  edwin Aug 11 '13 at 16:42
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