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I have a custom built PC with a i5-3570K, GTX 780 and some other components that don't really matter too much I imagine. The issue I'm having is whenever I use Ubuntu (whichever version it may be) an Nvidia install from terminal causes the system to crash immediately upon startup everytime.

(EDIT) I just managed to manually install the NVIDIA drivers from the website and they work perfectly fine on 12.04. The issue I'm having with 13.04 is when I hit CTRL+ALT+F1/F2/F3... I end up getting a blank screen in the fullscreen terminal. I can try to log in, but there is absolutely no text on screen and there is no way for me to tell if things are working. This is the only way for me to install the NVIDIA drivers since I have to shutdown LightDM in order to turn off the running Nvidia x Server. I've looked at a few different topics on how to fix this, but none of them seem to work (i.e. changing resolutions for the TTY screen or updating grub). Anyhelp is much appreciated. Thanks a lot!

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