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i am used to the easy way on windows. just open the itunes and voila your work is done. here it is a bit different i see. i tried using rhythmbox and also downloaded gpod. but seems like Rhythmbox only supports upto 3rd generation ipods. My being the 4th gen. i am unable to load files or even mount it easily.For this i have downloaded gtkpod ipod manager. but cant really understand nothing. can you please help, and tell me how to go about it :(

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duplicate of, which has a good answer. – Peter Cordes Mar 5 '15 at 18:04

Try this : (

Works for me :)

This is a bit outdated - Skip the installation instruction and go to step 2 of "Using gtkpod".

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Currently, there doesn't seem to be an open-source way to put audio onto a 4th gen iPod touch.

I tried gtkpod and banshee, but both are based on libgpod. That wiki page indicates that the current (0.8.0) release only has read-only support for iPod touch 4th gen.

I ran into the same problem as you, with a 4th gen ipod touch. (except maybe you weren't even getting read-only support). The GUIs do a terrible job at alerting you to the fact that your changes can't be saved. :/

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