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I have multiple keyrings, one of which unlocks certain encrypted files that are cloud-synced. I unlock this keyring at almost every login, but it is still important to me that the password for the keyring is much stronger than my default login/sudo password.

What is vexing is that each time the keyring's password entry dialogue appears, the auto-unlock box is checked by default. This is the one that says "Automatically unlock this keyring whenever I'm logged in." I never want to do this: so long as the keyring is locked, I don't want this keyring password or the contents to be viewable by any user without its specific password (even a root user).

Is there any way to configure the Passwords and Keys manager -- or some other related software -- to untick that box by default? I'm tired of having to manually unselect it every time or accidentally just hitting "enter" and having to go into the manager settings and de-associate the secondary keyring from the login keyring.

Any help is much appreciated.


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