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I have a VPS running Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit, and I've installed Teamviewer 8 64bit on it .. The program itself runs, but there's no internet activity .. I try to sign in into my teamviewer account, and it cannot connect to the server ...

Sometimes, it seems that Teamviewer can connect to the internet, because it gives me a Teamviewer ID for the Ubuntu VPS .. But when I try connecting to this ID from my local Windows PC, I cannot go beyond the "Connecting .." stage ..

And sometimes even this does not happen, and I just get a message in Ubuntu Teamvewer saying "Not ready. Please check your connection"

I am not using any proxies. I have a direct static IP address, and I've got it confirmed from my VPS provider that they're not blocking Teamviewer in any wya ..

So what's the issue here ?

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