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I'm completely new to Linux and Ubuntu.

Last month I took my first Dell laptop which came pre-installed with Ubuntu 11.10 . Realizing that I'm completely new to Ubuntu,I asked the shop owner to install Windows. He installed Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit (pirated but I still didn't have the knowledge of intellectual rights) when I bought the laptop.

From the past one month I have tried Windows 8 Pro and other versions of Windows 7 (all pirated) . From a few days I have realized that what I am doing is just stealing someone's hard work. My conscience is telling me to stop using pirated Windows and get a legal one.

But getting a legal Windows 8 pro (around 10k Indian Rs) is not possible for me because I am still a student with no income and asking my parents for it is also not possible because 10 k Indian rs is way too expensive.

In India I haven't seen a single legal Windows running machine (except for oem). Piracy is at the highest rate in India .So on a personal front I have decided to stop using Windows and switch to Linux.

I need your sincere suggestions - my laptop configuration :

  • core i3 ,Maximum speed 2.20 ghz,

  • 4 Gb DDR3 Ram

  • Intel 3000 integrated graphics.

I use my laptop for playing a few games,using CAD (Computer Aided Engineering drawing) software,videos,music and internet and ms office.

So please suggest which version of Ubuntu or Linux Mint will be good for my laptop configuration and my needs (please remember I have zero background of Linux). Please also mention whether 32 or 64 bit version will be useful.. I have heard of wine.please give me a insight on the same. Thanks in advance.

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At a site focused on officially supported Ubuntu you are asking for other OS's than Ubuntu to be suggested? If I could would I not be using that myself and not come here? Mint is not Ubuntu and thus is off topic. We can advise on Ubuntu flavors BUT I would suggest you to find out what -you- like ;-) –  Rinzwind Aug 10 '13 at 15:13
@geezanansa too subjective for AU... Ubuntu, xUbuntu, lUbuntu, kUbuntu, gnome3, unity... one likes it, another does not ;-) BUT -all- run on a i3. –  Rinzwind Aug 10 '13 at 17:13
I say that if anything this should be a dupe of What are the system requirements for each flavor of Ubuntu Desktop?. –  Braiam Sep 9 '13 at 13:38