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I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 15 3520 and swapped out some parts.

The only parts that would be relevant are the HDD which I swapped to a SSD and the processor, which I swapped out for an Intel Core i7-2960XM. The only other thing I changed was increasing the RAM to 8GiB which shouldn't affect anything.

Windows 7 installed without problems and runs fine, but when I went to install Ubuntu from a live USB, once I reached the area of the install where I choose which drive to install on. It freezes when I try to change or manipulate anything. It only shows sda (which should be correct?) as a possibility, and does not show any of the partitions on the disk at all. Safe boot is off, and I have tried doing things under Legacy ROM and UEFI. I still encounter the same problem. Is anyone else encountering this problem? Is there anything I can do to force the installer to recognize my SSD and manipulate partitions?

Note that the BIOS on this model has been updated to A07, and has not options to disable Intel Rapid Boot.

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