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Today i tryied to install ubuntu 13.04 x64 bit, after trying to instal it with deamon tools my pc tripped, and tried to reboot. But when it tries to boot it says: Ubuntu no such device : a long code....

After that i went to my mom's pc and made my usb bootable with Ubuntu.I've installed ubuntu on my 200Gb harddisk. and everything works fine i can chose wich Os i want to use and i can get back on my pc.

Now when i want to get behind my computer i need to do this:i need to go to my boot menu, change to the 200Gb hdd, start from there select my Windows 8, once in windows 8 it says wich one os u want to select and select Windows 8.

So here is the question, how can i fix my SSd boot? since that i need to boot from my 200gb disk. and how can i deinstal ubuntu from my ssd? because its now on my ssd and on my 200gb disk...

Greets, Mark.

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Ok, you can uninstall it in WINDOWS Install/Unsinstall Programs Option, since WUBI installer for UBUNTU is like an application same as other programs. Just click uninstall UBUNTU" and follow the steps. It will also change you boot.ini options since you install ubuntu alongside with your current operating system "WINDOWS 7 or 8".

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K thanks i will give that a shot! – user182795 Aug 18 '13 at 10:38

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