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I've created a simple shortcut.desktop in my Lubuntu 13.04 /usr/share/applications:

[Desktop Entry]
Icon=/home/zane/Pictures/Evil Decepticons.png

The pointed sh contains just echo "it works".

If I double-click the .desktop it directly, the script runs and everything works as expected.

But if I click the menu entry from the desktop, I just get a "stuck", non-inputable Terminal.

Note: to workaround this bug I've just "lxterminal" under PCManFM -> Prefernces -> Advanced, otherwise I can't run .sh at all.

Any ideas?

Edit I also tried these variant, but I always get the same result:

Exec=sh /home/zane/Documents/
Exec=lxterminal /home/zane/Documents/
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As suggested here, right-click and open the "Panel Settings"-dialog -> Advanced, then set "Terminal Emulator"="lxterminal" and now it works.

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