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With my current (and favorite) theme the Unity panel is black text on a black background. Is there a way to set the font color in Unity or the theme somehow?

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I know that this is an old thread, but since it hasn't been closed... This issue persists in 12.04. Changing text[NORMAL] property changes other text as well, which is problematic. I am able to change it changing the theme and icons using myunity, but those changes are not persistent. They only seem to last for the session. Looks like a bug report was filed and resolved in 2010, but the problem is still present on my quite up-to-date machine. The dark text on a dark background makes unity unusable for me. Too bad, because I like it otherwise. –  user115017 Dec 16 '12 at 15:11
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The panel text uses the color defined by the theme's text[NORMAL] property. You'll likely find that in the file /usr/share/themes/<theme>/gtk-2.0/gtkrc.

Note, that this doesn't affect the home button and indicator icon color. For that you'd have to change the icon set used by your theme (in Appearance PropertiesTheme tab).

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