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I am new to php programming and i have installed it on Ubuntu server, the server is a LAMP server. As i was doing my introductory lecture, i created first.php file but i understand it cannot be compiled and run like c or java. I would want to know what i must do to see that my program is working. The Ubuntu server that i am working on does not have GUI installed so i would want to know if i can still use it successfully.

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as you mentioned you dont have a GUI you can try out CLI browsers. many browsers are there among them I always choose lynx and you can install it by using

sudo apt-get install lynx-cur

make sure that you have placed your first.php file in the proper location.

then check with your .php file.

I mean I have tested it like this

jai@frank-Jai:~$ lynx 127.0.01
Looking up  '127.0.01' first

there indicates the local server.

then it will display output as enter image description here

for example if you have written a .php script then you execute it as

php script:

root@frank-Jai:~# cat /var/www/ho.php 

echo "My first PHP script!";


Then I am placing it in the /var/www/ directory with some name. in my case it is po.php . then you cane execute it as


and output will be

enter image description here

hope that helps you too understand how to execute a php script.

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In fairness to the other answers, PHP is most commonly hosted on a webserver and run through mod_php or php-cgi but you can also write command-line and graphical PHP scripts and applications.

sudo apt-get install php5-cli
php -f file.php

That will run and output the PHP file to the terminal. If you've got a ton of HTML in the php file or it relies on various $_SERVER variables, this just isn't going to work. Just Install lamp and work out of /var/www:

sudo apt-get install lamp-server^

(Note: The ^ is not a mistake — it's how apt-get knows to install a task)

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It worked and i got my output in terminal, My server is already a lamp server , i would want to know how i can work out of /var/www – sosytee Aug 9 '13 at 8:47

PHP does not need compilation.

The default site is under /var/www

Put your test file there and get access with browser

Also if you want to test directly in console you just write

php /path/to/file.php
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