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I don't even get the 'grub rescue' black screen.

The Ubuntu installation went fine. Selected reboot. pulled the USB stick, everything looks as it should and then, no choices. Straight into Ubuntu.

Prior to this missive, I installed (via the CLI) Boot Repair and it recommended that I create a /boot partition in ext4. I did that during the setup. I created /boot, /, /home and swap area.

So I reran Boot repair in advanced mode and restored the MBR. This took me to Vista but no option for Ubuntu. I've had zero success with that so I re-installed Ubuntu 12.04 and here I iz again.

You folks are so kind and patient vis a vis the noob convention, so I humbly ask for your help in this matter. I'd really like to see both OS's from which to choose.

Thank you, Dave

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Post link to BootInfo report from Boot-Repair. If Vista booted with a Windows boot loader and Ubuntu booted, you may just need to run sudo update-grub to find the Windows install. It should have found it as part of the install. –  oldfred Aug 9 '13 at 15:47
~oldfred,I updated as per your suggestion. The update 'found' the Vista boot loader, but the machine still boots direct to Ubuntu with no choices for a dual boot. Any further suggestions would be appreciated. –  user176420 Aug 10 '13 at 3:31
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