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I know I can run dmesg to look at boot errors. However, my system is failing to boot right now. It hangs indefinitely while trying to initialize hard drives. However, I can boot up into safe mode.

When I boot up in safe mode and look at dmesg it does not contain old boot messages. It just contains the boot messages from the current boot-up into safe mode.

How do I save the dmesg log (or any log for that matter) during the failed boot process so that I can view it when I log in to diagnose via save mode?

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You need to enable boot logging by opening a terminal and typing the following:

$ sudo gedit /etc/default/bootlogd

The text editor will open, and the following will be show:

#Run bootlogd at startup ?



Now, everytime you restart, /var/log/boot will be created, and it will contain a log of all your boot messages. You need to be root to open it, so you can easily open it up again with sudo.

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I tried your suggestion... but /var/log/boot was empty? – dinkelk Aug 9 '13 at 12:31
@dinkelk maybe I missed some detail take a look here: – vfbsilva Aug 9 '13 at 13:52

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