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In both Firefox and Thunderbird, when you want to open a document in something other than the default registered in the program, they open a file picker. Now in windows I know exactly what to do with this. I navigate to the program in c:/Program Files/ and look for the .EXE file. What do I do in Ubuntu?

For example, I want to set LibreOffice as my default. Yes, it ships as the default but thanks to Canonical I uninstalled it and manually reinstalled it to get rid of that disgusting global menu. My system knows that LibreOffice is the default app to open these files, but now I no longer have .DOCX and .XLSX files opening appropriately from the Mozilla programs. I must download them all to open them. Obviously I can't use the Windows based file picker on a Linux system. Or do I? Where do I navigate to?

How do I get the Mozilla programs to change the helper apps on Ubuntu?

Ubuntu 13.04.

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The programs can be found under

Filesystem -> /usr/bin/

If they're installed by the software package manager.

If they're installed manually (i.e. you ran make install) then they might be in /usr/local/bin, or wherever you put them. (Try type -a libreoffice)

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So what you are saying is that I type or browse to "/usr/bin/<program>" into the Firefox file picker? Thanks. – Exomancer Oct 27 '13 at 16:33

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