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I am using Ubuntu 13.04 and it works when I use an LCD television. My graphics card is a GeForce 650 Ti and my monitor is a HP w1907v.

The graphics card works perfectly, the monitor works, the VGA cable works. It's Ubuntu. I have tried changing the screen resolutions but it just stays in sleep mode. (I am currectly using my LCD to work as a second screen so I can see what I am doing). I have tried changing stuff like resolutions on my monitor but I can't even get onto a menu as it just goes into sleep mode instantly.

Please help!

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use xrandr to diagnose what is going wrong. Read

I do following command to extend desktop on right side. Use VGA and LVDS identifications which you have on your system. You will get it by xrandr --current

xrandr --output VGA-0 --auto --right-of LVDS-0
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