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Marco Ceppi's answer to a tangentially related question set me to wondering about the destination of all the tests that users run from the LiveCD menu. There's a fairly comprehensive hardware compatibility test, at least as of 10.10, that seems geared towards accumulating a database of ubuntu-friendly models, components, and peripherals.

I must apologize for my vague description of this app; if someone knows what I am talking about and can provide the actual name of the menu item, that would be wonderful. I just recall running it from the LiveCD before installation, after which point I switched over to OpenBox from gnome and haven't looked at the menu system since.

Marco's answer mentions the laptop testing tracker, which seems like it could be a front end to this hypothetical DB. However, there are currently only a few reports on that page.

Is this something we can expect to see made available in the near future? Are collected test results available at a different page/site? It would be a tremendously beneficial resource for the community.

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The tool is called Checkbox. A new crowd-sourced "Ubuntu Friendly Hardware" program was recently announced, but I don't know if it will integrate with Checkbox.

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Cool, it sounds like they're aiming for it to be ready by 11/11. Guess I'll "make a wish".. – intuited May 10 '11 at 18:13

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