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I only recently made the switch to Linux (great OS, btw. I very much enjoy the shell. Way more flexible than anything I'm used to) but am already at the point that I'd like to deploy a small app I designed over the last two weeks.

Thing is, I want it to look good. I want it to be a complete experience, so everything should look and feel great from the start.

I really enjoy the look and feel of Amiga'esque/MacOSX'esque icons and would like to try something similar. i. e. the original size of the icon, when my app is first installed, should be much larger than the default size of most other app icons.

I know there must be a way to do this, since Steam's default icon is almost three times as large as all the other icons on my desktop.

Question is, how can I achieve this? Is there something I can put into the desktop entry? Or perhaps someone would be able to help me locate the Steam icon file (it's a png, as far as I can tell)? "Whereis steam" yields nothing of the sort unfortunately, and the only Steam icon inside /usr/share/pixmaps is the Windows/Wine Steam one.

I also found an icon inside /usr/share/icons/hicolor/256x256/apps. Unfortunately, it's lower res and will still always revert to what looks like 32x32.

PS: I'd like to use .svg for my icon, if that matters (I assume it's less obvious to set a default resolution for a scalable image format. Hopefully, I'm proven wrong though).

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