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Hello all,

I have purchased a Lenovo 505G from best buy today. I upgraded the memory to 8GiB.

I am getting a black screen displaying tty1 login/password screen, as it would not let me display the graphical interface.

Frustrated as I was with the primitive screen I went and reinstalled.

It worked yayyyyy! booted to the GUI with ease.

Installed updates/checked for drivers

I installed this driver for my system: ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX driver (post release)

system called for a restart, which i did, but...

WAMMMMM Black Screen with a lot of stuff saying 'OK OK OK......etc'

Really agitated because it would not let me out of this menu, I reinstalled Ubuntu and everything seems to be OK. However, I want to utilize my APU, but I don't want to risk another crash. Is there any way to get the proper driver/s that I need, or should I give the proprietary driver another try?

Its not the best notebook, but I would still like to use it to its fullest capability. I would be very grateful if someone could help me out.

My current specs are as follows:

CPU: AMD A6-5200 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics × 4
OS: x64
RAM: 8Gb

Available drivers through SETTINGS:

  • ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX driver (post release) "caused crash"
  • ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX driver (experimental beta)
  • Experimental AMD bianary Xorg driver and kernel module

I really don't know what to do here.

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Have you tried following this tutorial?

I find that installing upstream drivers works the best, by far.

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Download and install AMD's latest catalyst beta driver for linux direct from their website. (should be 13.8 released 8/19/2013.) Follow the directions here...


I have the same laptop (and had the same problem) and using these new drivers fixed things for me.

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Welcome to Ask Ubuntu! Whilst this may theoretically answer the question, it would be preferable to include the essential parts of those directions here, and then provide the link for that PDF for reference. The reason is because links can sometimes becoe unavailable, so no one would know those "directions" you're referring to. Thanks! –  Alaa Ali Aug 24 '13 at 16:13
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