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So I have a brand new 1TB hard drive I want to partition off to install Ubuntu, but I want to use the majority of the space on it as my backup drive for Windows 7. I've got it wired up and ready to be formatted in Windows 7, but I'm not sure exactly how I should proceed or even if this is a good idea to begin with. Thoughts?

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For formatting it is recommended you use the partitioner on Ubuntu's live media (USB or DVD). In particular, Windows does not "understand" Linux filesystems. – edwin Aug 8 '13 at 2:02

Step 1 Create an NTFS partition of the size you want for Windows backup. Leave the rest of the drive unformatted for Ubuntu installation.

Step 2 Choose ”Something Else" during Ubuntu installation. See Disk partition Ubuntu 12.10 for details partitions for Ubuntu.

Step 3 See Installing Ubuntu on one of two hard drives for the rest of two drive setup.

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