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On formatting drive as BTRFS for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) I was getting an error about "Sparse file not allowed". Using this post at AskUbuntu:

Message “Sparse file not allowed” after installing on a btrfs filesystem

I tried the boot-repair solution. On re-boot, the OS wanted options of (I)gnore, (S)kip or (M)anually mount for both "/" and for "/home". On the first attempt at re-booting I selected Ignore. The result is no OS. No GUI, actually nada. On 2nd attempt I chose Skip and the OS booted and I have a desktop and more-or-less.

How do I repair this so that there is a properly (automatically?) mounted / and /home? (which are the only 2 partitions on this disk, (/sda1 and /sda6) except for the swap?

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