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I previously had Kubuntu, but didn't like all of the bloat of KDE, and since I use open-box KDE wasn't necessary, so I moved. However now the text in *most Xscreensavers are unreadable, fixed width 8pt or some-such. I have read numerous articles, on this, changed the app-defaults file, even changed my own .xscreensaver file, to no avail! When I execute /usr/lib/xscreensaver/molecule, I get this error in the console:

molecule: unable to load font "-*-helvetica-medium-r-normal-*-180-*", using "fixed"

BTW: In Kubuntu this worked just fine, I was able to read the text at the top of molecule. I have tried to add fonts, even downloaded Helvetica in openfont format. I have rebuilt the font-cache, and logged out then back in. Nothing I have tried has worked, even a full purge and reinstall of all XScreenSaver packages didn't do the trick. I'm at a loss. Please help.

P.S. since this is a cosmetic issue, it's not too important, however i assume this is a problem across the board (Xubuntu), but I may be incorrect.

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