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I'm using my Logitech M510 mouse's scroll buttons (left & right) to change the volume level. Using xbindkeys I can set them with command like this:

amixer -c 0 set Master playback 2dB+ unmute

But these amixer commands doesn't show the volume popup and they also doesn't maximize the volume to it's maximum. This happens because in sound setting I saw that the sign for 100% is not at the end of the slider but around the 80.

So, how can I detect the buttons for volume up and down from the keyboard. Then with xbindkeys I will bind my mouse buttons to work like them.

xev doesn't show anything when pressing the buttons from the keyboard. Instead of this they are working fine with Linux, just not detected by xev and I can't get the key number for using in xbindkeys.

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The buttons are XF86AudioRaiseVolume and XF86AudioLowerVolume.

They are not detected by xev, don't know why. But after using these values it worked.


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