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I'm really new at this so please dont bite my head off but here's my problem. Yesterday I used the windows installer of ubuntu 12.04LTS on my laptop and it worked great. However I wanted to set format my windows partition so i set up a thumb drive with ubuntu 13.04 and booted from that. I used g partition to format my entire hdd to NTFS and did a clean install. The install had no errors but after the restart there was an internal error.

Following this error I launched another live session, did another clean install, and restarted. This time I went into the bios and changed the boot order to HDD then external. When it tried to boot the caps lock key started blinking and i got a black screen. After rebooting again and using safe mode I got the error: "Kernel Panic - not syncing : No init found. Try passing init = option to kernel.

Since that error I have tried several clean installs with both 12 and 13 with no change. If anyone can help me out, I could really use it, thanks.

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