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When I try to play Minecraft offline it says Updating Minecraft... and then I get a black screen. No error is displayed. I am using the Minecraft laucher jar file. Are there any packages I need to download in order to play Minecraft?

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A black screen can sometimes be caused by the LWJGL files being out of date, however if you can play your minecraft online this solution will not help you.

Update your LWJGL Files:

sudo apt-get install liblwjgl-java

Or you can take a look at this link if the above does not work.

You could also consider installing OpenJDK 7

Please note that you have to run minecraft online at least once for it to run offline.

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This is because you installed a mod. You also deleted the META-INF folder. Rename/remove your .minecraft folder and re-try, it WILL work if the META-INF folder is present. The lwjgl files have been updated in mc1.6, so that is not the problem.

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