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I'm attempting to deploy a Django app from bazaar branch with juju using the python-django charm. I've followed the quick start directions from the file:

juju bootstrap
juju deploy --config mydjangosite.yaml python-django

juju deploy postgresql
juju add-relation python-django postgresql:db

juju deploy gunicorn
juju add-relation python-django gunicorn
juju expose python-django

My mydjangosite.yaml file looks like:

    vcs: bzr
    repos_url: lp:mydjangosite

It seems like the quick start directions must be missing something. This successfully deploys a running Django instance, but it's just the hello world app that displays:

It worked!

Congratulations on your first Django-powered page.

If I ssh into the Django instance, I don't see my bzr branch anywhere. /srv/python-django/ just contains the default juju Django project files.

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You must be using juju-core (the Go version of Juju). The config file must be formatted differently as I explain in the documentation:


If your using juju-core you must remove the first line of the file and the indentation for the rest of the file.

Otherwise, it won't give you an error but the configuration file will be ignored.

So mydjangosite.yaml should really be in the form:

 vcs: bzr
 repos_url: lp:mydjangosite
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