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I decided to do a completely fresh Ubuntu installation last night with the latest.version. Installation seemed to be going smoothly, and as I've done many times before chose to format the hard drive before installation.

This time however there was a problem, in that I got an error message stating that the root directory couldn't be created. I decided to try and restart the installation to try and fix it but now my laptop won't boot to anything other than a black screen (it's as though there isn't a bios present in the system and it doesn't know what to do once i switch it on). Even without the Ubuntu boot disk in the drive. Have been trying to follow some hints and tips.on here for similar problems, but I'm limited to what I can do as that is my only pc.

any advice is welcome as I'm completely at a loss, and don't fancy spending £50 on getting it repaired if the solution is a simple one. Many thanks.in advance

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taking out bios battery from motherboard, wait 2 hours or more and plug it in back. for a hard reset of bios? if nothing is working u can't do that much wrong. what do you you think ? –  Private Aug 5 '13 at 8:06
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