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I have two computers running 12.04, I sign into my Ubuntu 0ne account on each computer, "Hi JQPublic" both say. Do I understand correctly that placing a file (specifically an .ogg music file ... simply a song) into the "Ubuntu One" file folder (always synced) on one computer, I should be able to open the "Ubuntu One" file folder on the other computer and find said .ogg, right? That is how this is meant to work, yes?

Because it's not what's happening. Nothing uploads (though the first computer claims such). Minutes pass, still nothing. A different experiment: I uploaded a file folder containing a song; the folder was available on both computers, but remained decidedly empty.

Any suggestions? I'm otherwise LOVING my return to Ubuntu (left at 9.04). I really am inclined to think that I'm missing something HUGE, that this is all a user (me) error, not a bug ... is it me? All help appreciated.



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  1. If you can see your file uploaded on one of your machines (a tick mark on the file icon will confirm this), it should appear on your Ubuntu One Web account.
  2. If above is true, can you check whether you have added the particular folder to your Sync locally folders on your second machine where you would like to see this file downloadd automatically?
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