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I was trying to disable the encrypted home directory and followed this guide

How to disable encrypted home directory?

Step 4 failed for some odd reason and so when i went to check a few folders in my home directory and i was unable to open any files.So i thought a quick fix would be to reboot my computer and so i did but i tried to login under my account and was unable to do, so i decided to log in under the guest profile but came across another obstacle, that being, ubuntu would not allow me run any commands as sudo, i would get the following "sudo: unable to change to sudoers gid:operation not permitted"

I was extremely frustrated that i decided to to reinstall ubuntu (yet as another quickfix) but the grub boot loader will not display upon boot no matter how many times i attempt to ctrl + alt c,f1,or f2.I need some major help because my computer at the moment is a brick

(as a side note) I used a usb flash drive to initially install ubuntu 13.04 because my notebook doesn't have a disk drive.

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