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How can I use Urdu fonts in Ubuntu?

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I haves same problem. –  Tahir Akram Nov 15 '11 at 18:22

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You must enable IBus.. From there there is an Urdu virtual keybooard available ... You can very simply switch from the English keyboard and fonts, to the Urdu keyboard and fonts .. You can choose your own shortcut key for this.

IBus Preferences can be found in the Main Menu.. System.. Preferences

eg. Urdu script: ااپ کایسع ھہ
or Devanagari: आप कैसे हो

It is very easy to switch from one language's script to another.. The Urdu keyboard entry is based on the phonetic sounds (so is the Hindi/Devanagari).. I don't know if I got the Urdu right, but I've typed the same keys as for the Hindi... and I think for this case is would be about the same ...

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