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I was trying to setup my desktop with the right 270 pixels reserved for conky as mentioned here

When I was tweaking the General Settings in cssm Unity reset itself and stopped responding to mouse clicks. All the fonts also became un-antialiased..This was before I even quit ccsm. The mouse could no longer click on the cssm window and quit without saving.

When I logged out and logged back in , the fonts were all messed up , the Unity sidebar had dissapeared and everything was off. The mouse continued to not be able to click on a ccsm window.

I did the following to try and recover installed dconf tools sudo dconf -f reset /org/compiz

That did not fix the problem

I then purged Unity and compiz and reinstalled them

sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-dekstop
sudo apt-get purge unity
sudo apt-get install unity
sudo apt-get purge compiz
sudo apt-get install compiz

Now When I log in as myself , the sidebar and top bar are missing. When I run unity --replace, for a brief instant the screens looks antialiased and nice and then everything goes back to ugly.

When I log in as guest , everything looks normal.

How can I recover from this state.

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