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I have changed the name on /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts but the top right corner display name won't change

enter image description here

How can i change that name?

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/etc/hostname and /etc/hosts contains your hostname (the computer name). The name next to the shutdown button is your username.

Changing your username just to get a different name displayed is not recommended. To make your actual name to be displayed instead of your username, open a Terminal and run:

gconftool -s /system/indicator/me/display --type int 2

(taken from fluteflute's answer)

To change your actual username (which defaults to your username), go to System -> Administration -> Users and Groups. Select your user and click the "Change..." button after your current name. Enter whatever you like and press OK to save it. You'll need to re-login to make the name change take effect.

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