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I am installing Ubuntu on 250GB space. Entire 250GB for ubuntu, I would like to know what would be recommended partition sizes, also couple of terms like logical and primary partition is also what I would like to know. The intended use is for a home desktop (4GB RAM) with an towards programming and development.

Any insights would be really appreciated. (This may be a repeat question, although I did search the forum, would be really helpful if I could be pointed to the right reference)

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A good partition setup for this purpose:

  • swap: 8 GB. This is very safe amount of swap space for your amount of RAM. It will enable the Suspend to Disk option, if your graphics driver supports it.
  • /: 75 GB. Upon installation, only about 4-8 GB of this will be used. Many packages will have to be installed to provide a suitable environment for the developer using this computer, and much - but not all - of this space will be used.
  • /home: 167 GB. This is very optional - in fact, unless you plan on installing a whole other Linux distro besides Ubuntu, it will be less complicated to simply include this with /.
  • /boot: On modern hardware it is not necessarily helpful to have a separate /boot partition.

That said, to be perfectly honest, it is probably best to simply leave this up to the installer unless you have a specific reason for wanting to set up different partitions. Ubuntu setup now comes with the option to reinstall Ubuntu without overwriting /home or other local system folders.

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