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After upgrading to 13.04 I figured I'd give kde another try since it's been a while. One important feature of compiz that I really use is the ability to map arbitrary commands to edge events. I use a wacom tablet and two screens so I had a shell script which swaps the screen that the tablet was mapped to, and made that shell script the command to run when my mouse hit the top edge of the screen. This allows me to very quickly move my tablet pointer from being mapped on the "left" screen to being mapped on the "right" screen.

I would like to do the same in KDE but I dont really know how to set up kde. I've found in settings under System Settings -> Workspace Settings -> Screen Edges where I can set actions for screen edges. However it does not appear that I can set "run custom command" as an action.

I also noticed that in System Settings -> Input Devices -> Graphic Tablet there is the option to map the pad to one screen or the other. I can create two profiles, one for "mapped left" and one for "mapped right".

Is there a way to set "switch graphic tablet profile" to a kde workspace screen edge event? Alternatively, is there a way to "run command" on kde workspace screen edge event?

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