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Notes: Linux Beginner, have read up on online tutorials on how to dual boot Ubuntu after installing Windows 8. I have two main storage disks as shown in the attached link. C: which is my SSD with Windows 8, and D: which is where I keep data.

I followed the instructions here. The ones under the heading "simple way".

Ubuntu installed fine on the C: drive after I had decided on the partition using the Ubuntu installer. Ubuntu said the install was sucessful and then asked me to reboot. I did so, and my computer went straight into Windows 8 with no option to boot Ubuntu.

After some googling, I found that this is because grub wasn't installed properly. So I tried using the Ubuntu repair tool. However, every time I went to the terminal and typed the "get" cmd to get the app, Ubuntu froze. Instead of this I followed some instructions on this website by someone that basically involved fdisk and finding the correct boot partition and installing grub on that partition. I would link the page I found those instructions but I can't find them now. After this, my computer would boot to the GRUB cmd line and wouldn't give me an option to boot ubuntu or windows.

After that happened, I did the Windows 8 recovery and restored my PC. Please help.

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