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I am using a Dell Inspiron 15r 64-bit Laptop with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installed and AMD Raedon 7600M series graphic card. Recently, I downloaded PlayOnLinux with the intention of playing games and installing some handy Windows applications like MS Office etc.

PROBLEM: I installed FIFA 11 on POL [ 1. I created a folder in /media by the name of iso 2. I mount my fifa11 iso image using: $ mount -o loop /media/iso. 3. I selected Install>Games>FIFA11>selected my iso image and followed the procedure. It automatically downloaded library files and directx as needed by the application. ]

The game installed and I can see the entry in POL and also shortcuts on my desktop. I would like t mention that there was this last dialog box which said "Fifa 11 has been successfully installed" with "Next" and "canceled" buttons. This dialog box was frozen for a prolonged duration so I was forced to close it, so this may have been a problem.

When i try to run Fifa11 I get the following error:

Fifa 11 Error Snapshot

Am I missing any crucial files or starting the application incorrectly??!! The following snapshot shows my wine configuration for this game:

Wine configuration settings for FIFA

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You don't need -o loop on mount anymore, did you try to reinstall the game? did you check if your .iso is OK? (md5sum o something like that?) can you see something on /var/log/syslog? –  maniat1k May 2 at 14:09
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