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I just got over with installing Ubuntu 13.04 on my Asus laptop from a USB stick. After the installation finished and the computer restarted, it started up with a GRUB: invalid arch independent ELF magic error. I looked around on Google to find out a solution and found Cadoc's thread GRUB: “invalid arch independent ELF magic” after 11.10 install on Macbook Pro 5,5 and followed the solution up to the line

sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda

When I typed that command, I got

/usr/sbin/grub-bios-setup: Not found.

and I couldn't find any solution for that after some searching on Google. So what do I have to do to fix that and get thing going fine?

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If `grub-bios-setup' is not found, you probably have a EFI mode installation of Ubuntu.

[ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo "Installed in EFI mode" || echo "Installed in Legacy mode" 

If this is not the case, something went really bad during installation. You can try using boot-repair to fix your problem.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && (boot-repair &)
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It turned out that my installation wasn't in EFL mode, so I'm going to try second solution. There's only one thing, where should I enter the two lines you provided? I mean in which directory do I have to be, considering that I am booting from a USB stick. – arsaKasra Aug 2 '13 at 21:44

Looks like a bad grub install. If you can boot using the USB Drive into a Live ISO mode (the "try Ubuntu" option), you should be able to re-install grub and get the system up and running. Check to see if your BIOS uses UEFI as well.

See this link.

Have a nice day.

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