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When I turn on my bluetooth in ubuntu 12.04 it does not show any options for discovering devices or any bluetooth functions.
What should I do to show these options?enter image description here

As you can see even though bluetooth is turn on(in status bar) no options are shown.

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Run the Following command in the terminal..

sudo hciconfig hci0 reset

It should than turn ON the bluetooth.

If you are using laptop than try to turn it OFF and ON,using hardware switch. Usually done with Fn + Some function key depending on your laptop.

Also If this doesn't work than install Blueman Bluetooth Manager from Ubuntu Software Center.


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I donot know how but it's working suddenly – M.Tarun Aug 3 '13 at 7:53

Run the following command (you don't need to be root)

hcitool dev

If nothing is listed then you don't have your bluetooth adapter configured properly.

You can also

sudo lsmod |grep blue

If you find it there, then considering installing rfkill, for enabling/disabling wireless devices.

sudo apt-get install rfkill

If this not helps, follow this guide. It contains all the information you need for setting up your bluetooth adapter.

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