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I use a barcode font that came with my POS software for printing labels and price tags. I have a database set up in LibreOffice that prints a report with the barcodes. However, not all of the glyphs print the barcode. Instead, Ubuntu substitutes a sans-serif character. (for example, I need to print the barcode character mapped to the '#' sign, but instead, I get a '#' sign)

I found this is a linux issue, not an issue with LibreOffice.

I read some older web pages about xfts and freetype. But it seems those are out dated and now TrueType support is already integrated into Ubuntu.

Is this correct or do I still need to configure something?

*note this font works for all glyphs in Windows. It is Ubuntu that only recognizes certain glyphs properly.

The barcode font in question is called 39251.ttf (note, I get an error from FontForge that a PostScript name cannot be a number, perhaps that is part of the problem?)

Thanks in advance.

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