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I am new to Linux. I have heard one of the drawbacks to Linux is the peripheral support. I automatically installed my Epson Stylus NX420 using the "add printer" feature. It was super easy and I was thrilled to prove that Ubuntu defied the typical stereotype of printer support issues, or so I thought. I tried to print something and the printer went absolutely crazy. It spit out page after page, until I finally just unplugged it. I am curious to know if there is a driver out there that can correct this issue. I am using the 12.04 distro.



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I suggest you check here:

You will want the .deb file. Select the i386 version if you have a 32-bit system and x86_64 if yours is a 64-bit system. Check:


After the file is downloaded, you should be able to right-click it and install it with Software Center.

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