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BLUF: are my fstab options correct?

/ was on /dev/sda5 during installation
UUID=f2ec5b55-b601-4986-b415-954957f271a3 /               ext4    noatime,errors=remount-ro 0       1
/home was on /dev/sdb5 during installation
UUID=e3a1a937-a023-4757-a0bb-e3d4c737a7a4 /home           ext4    defaults        0       2
/tmp was on /dev/sdb8 during installation
UUID=b7a44c42-5353-41d0-8d14-15a30dad6290 /tmp            ext4    defaults        0       2
/var was on /dev/sdb7 during installation
UUID=63d5b631-1be8-4f44-a662-ec8b9f12c38c /var            ext4    defaults        0       2
swap was on /dev/sdb6 during installation
UUID=2f7fd365-a71d-4401-86dd-29b8002b1e2a none            swap    sw              0       0

I have an SSD: SDA1 - MBR / SDA2 - W7 x64 / SDA5 - Ubuntu 13.04 x64 HDD has a /tmp, /var, swap, /home, and 3 NTFS partitions, one being a shared data partition (which I can write to).

it seems when i want to move files I do not have access to Ubuntu folders. for example when I attempted to move a .png, for using as a grub image, from my shared data drive (on separate HDD), it would not allow access to the appropriate folder for pasting.

another indication that something is not set up correctly: my launcher shows only a floppy (which I do not have) and my data partition on the second HDD. the file window shows all my drives & partitions, including my MBR windows system file partition on the SSD (sda2).

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