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I have installed gnucash 2.2.9 that came with Ubuntu Lucid 10.4 distribution. The accounting software works fine, but I cannot get online banking to work. I can open tools/online banking setup, and start the AqBanking Wizard that opens the configuration page. I then select the :Backends" tab, select :aqofxconnect", click apply. I then go to the 'Users" tab to begin to select a user, and that is when the Configuration page disappears!

From Synaptic Package Manger, I seem to have all the necessary packages ( believe they are included and enabled by default in Lucid), although I do not have a package named aqofxconnect. Is this a necessary dependency that is missing and needs to be installed? Or am I experiencing some other problem? Does something else need to be installed or enabled? Any suggestions, ideas are appreciated.

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