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I installed 13.04 Server on a Lenovo Q190. It has both wired Ethernet (look like a RTL8111/8168) and wireless (looks like Realtek, it autoloaded rtl8188ee driver). Both , when running sudo lshw -C network are shown as disabled (*-network DISABLED).

I have a WIFI USB adapter. I plug it in, rerun lshw and the same thing happens, the new device is disabled.

I do not have x installed (new installation of server) nor do I have built-tools installed. There is no "hardware switch" (the Q190 is not a laptop). rfkill is not installed. It does not appear Network Manager is being used either (not sure what default is for 13.04). All /etc/network/interfaces has is the loopback device. Same thing for ifconfig, just loopback and a virtual machine network interface.

I've also installed kernels 13.10 and 13.11 rc in hopes that it would be fixed and it was a driver issue. No luck with either.

Anyone have a clue why every single Ethernet device is disabled, and how I can go about enabling them? Nearly everything I've seen suggested to fix it assumes I have an eth0 or wlan0, but I have nothing, everything is disabled!

Thank you for your help.

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